Horse Tour

Horse tours : Let’s discover which nomad you truly are !

Which adventurous mind has never dreamt about wandering by horse through the Silk Road? Who has never thought of living a true nomadic life renewed every day? Who has never wanted to gaze at amazing landscapes?

Mongolia, for an excellent reason, very often attracts horse riding lovers: huge steppes and Mongolian landscapes are the perfect frame for a fantastic ride. As a result, horses have been the main transportation and work tool of breeders for thousands of years.

Naadam (the national holiday) is, without any doubt, the high point in Mongolia. It is a unique opportunity to attend the famous horse races: kids, at full gallop and without saddle, ride foals in a extraordinary exhilaration.

Mongolian horses may be small but they are robust: they endure the harsh Mongolian winter, the cold, the frost, the icy wind brushing the steppe. When they are not ridden, they wander half free: how representative of the local mind !